‘Strategic Partnership Against Cyber Threats’

By Sonny Zulhuda

team-work-toon-2-dudesThis week attending the OIC-CERT Seminar 2008 held in one hotel in KL between13-15 January 2009 organized by Cyber Security Malaysia. Series of lectures, workshops and discussions in which talks on information security and cyber terrorism issues were held. The theme is as reflected in the tile above.

From legal points of view, Datuk Abdul Raman Saad, among others, gave his views on legal aspects of cyber-terrorism and cyber crimes (‘Bad Economy Fuels Cyber Crime’). He noted one report from the Star on 6th January 2009 quoting the Minister of Water, Energy and Communications saying that the ministry had sobmitted more than 30 cyber crime cases to the Attorney Chambers in the last three years (the same was reported by Bernama).

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