Torts Class



  • Course Code: LAWS 1340
  • Course Name: Law of Torts 1
  • Section: 4
  • Current Batch: Sem I1 / Year 2022-2023
  • Lecture Schedule: Mon-Wed 12.00 – 12.50 AM
  • Tutorials: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3.00 PM and 4.00 PM


Learning Outcomes (LO): After completing this course, students should be able to:

1Identify the principles of tort law in relation to its nature and scope, negligence, contributory negligence, nervous shock, economic loss, strict liability, product liability and general defences; and the underlying purpose and context in which they function  
2Compare and contrast the position of Malaysian Law with the Common Law
3Apply the relevant principles in relation to the above topics in resolving disputes.
4Demonstrate the application of case law to solve legal problems.

List of Topics & Slides

1Introduction to Torts LawSLIDES
2Negligence: Duty of CareSLIDES
3Breach of DutySLIDES
4Causation in Fact and in LawSLIDES
5Contributory NegligenceSLIDES
6Res Ipsa LoquiturSLIDES
7Product Liability SLIDES
8Nervous ShockSLIDES
9Economic Loss SLIDES
10Strict Liability SLIDES
11General Defences SLIDES

Relevant Statutes in Torts Class include:

Some recommended books:

Relevant News Stories

Case #1
“Human error among aspects in LRT collision”
Case #2
“Construction company fined RM45,000 for negligence which led to death of three employees”
Case #3
“Mother of teen killed by falling chair from PPR to sue DBKL for negligence”
Case #4
“Man dies, another injured after falling from Cheras funfair’s Ferris Wheel”
Case #5
“200 in Napoh file lawsuit against Nasi Kandar shop owner”
Case #6
“Family of e-sports star sues Thai government over Covid-19 death”
Case #7
“Pitbull attacks young girl, bites her face”
Case #8
“Man hospitalised after handphone explodes at his ear while being charged”
Case #9
“Alec Baldwin film tragedy: Crew member sues for negligence”
Case #10
“Girl’s toes stuck in Kota Bharu supermarket escalator”

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