Torts Class



  • Course Code: Laws 1340
  • Course Name: Law of Torts 1
  • Section: 4
  • Current Batch: Sem I / Year 2021-2022
  • Lecture Schedule: Tue-Thu 12.00 – 12.50 PM
  • Tutorials:
    • Mon 5.00 PM – 5.50 PM
    • Tues 5.00 PM – 5.50 PM
    • Wed 5.00 PM – 5.50 PM

COURSE OUTLINE >>> Please download it HERE (Soon to be released)

Learning Outcomes (LO):

1Identify the principles of tort law in relation to its nature and scope, negligence, contributory negligence, nervous shock, economic loss, strict liability, product liability and general defences; and the underlying purpose and context in which they function  
2Compare and contrast the position of the Malaysian Law with the Common Law
3Apply the relevant principles in relation to the above topics in resolving disputes.
4Demonstrate the application of case law to solve legal problems.

List of Topics & Slides

1Nature and in of Tort Law (SLIDES)SLIDES
2Negligence: Duty of Care (SLIDES)SLIDES
3Breach of Duty (SLIDES)SLIDES
4Causation in Fact and in LawSLIDES
5Contributory NegligenceSLIDES
6Res Ipsa LoquiturSLIDES
7Product Liability SLIDES
8Nervous ShockSLIDES
9Economic Loss SLIDES
10Strict Liability SLIDES
11General Defences SLIDES

Relevant Statutes in Torts Class include:

Some recommended books:

Relevant News Stories

  1. “Slimming treatment goes wrong for woman,” Thu Sun Daily, 27 Mar 2019 (Link)

Kuala Lumpur – A plan to slim down went horribly wrong for a young woman recently. She ended up with an infection, scars, swollen arms and a lot of pain. The woman, who wanted to be known as Nanthini, came to know of a medispa (a clinic-cum-spa) that offered such treatments through radio advertisements and social media. She visited the medispa where a man claiming to be a doctor gave her multiple injections on the arms to reduce fat. MCA public complaints bureau chief Datuk Michael Chong, who related her ordeal to the press today, said she was told that the injections were better than another treatment called “fat freezing”. But both her arms became infected and swollen a month later. Nanthini said she returned to the clinic where the doctor surgically removed the abscess without putting her under anaesthesia. (Continue reading)

2. “Firemen rescue three year old trapped in car,” Thu Sun Daily, 7 Jun 2020 (Link)

Johor Bahru – Firemen rescued a three-year-old girl who was trapped in her father’s car after she accidentally pressed the door lock at Taman Puteri Wangsa here today. Johor Jaya Fire and Rescue Station operations commander Senior Fire Officer II Mohd Kamal Shaari said the victim was stuck inside the car for about 10 minutes during the incident at about 3pm. He said nine firemen were rushed to the scene after receiving an emergency call from the victim’s father, who is in his 20s. “The incident reportedly happened when the family was about to leave the house, and the child was placed in the front seat with the engine turned on. (Continue reading).

3. “Food delivery rider dies in KL highway accident involving suspected drink-driver aged 21,” Malay Mail, 1 Jun 2020 (Link)

Kuala Lumpur – The accident involved 44-year-old victim Mohamed Zaili Mohamed who was a contract worker residing in Bukit Antarabangsa, Selangor and who was on a red motorcycle of the Honda Ex5 model, while the driver is a 21-year-old youth who was driving a dark blue Nissan Grand Livina. Mohamed’s motorcycle was believed to have been struck from behind by the Nissan Grand Livina while he was on the way home to his residence in Bukit Antarabangsa after delivering food sold by his wife. As a result of that hit, the victim crashed to the left shoulder of the road and his motorcycle was dragged about 2km from the location that was hit by the Nissan Grand Livina. The driver stopped the vehicle under the Titiwangsa LRT station’s pedestrian bridge after being detained by the public. (Continue reading).

4. “Instagram poll prompts teen to jump to her death,” The Borneo Post, 15 May 2019 (Link)

Kuching – A 16-year-old girl is believed to have leapt to her death on Monday after running a poll amongst her friends on social media on whether she should end her life. Padawan police chief Supt Aidil Bolhassan said a check of the teen’s Instagram account revealed that she had conducted the poll at 3pm the same day, under the heading ‘REALLY IMPORTANT, Help Me Choose D/L’. “According to a close friend of the victim, the ‘D/L’ meant ‘Death/Life’. Based on the result of the poll, 69 per cent of her social media friends chose ‘D’ and 31 per cent, ‘L’,” he said in a statement issued yesterday. (Continue reading).

5. “Man hospitalised after handphone explodes at his ear while being charged,” News Strait Times, 23 Apr 2016 (Link).

Singai Petani – A man was injured when his mobile phone exploded while he was talking on his phone that was plugged into a charger, early this morning. In the 4.40am incident, the 28-year-old man suffered burnt injuries with iron bits embedded in the right side of his face, chest, and right hand. State Health Department Director Datuk Dr. Norhizan Ismail, confirming the incident which had gone viral on social media, said the victim also sustained injuries on his right cornea and suffered a perforated eardrum following the explosion. Dr Norhizan said the man was rushed to the Yan Hospital emergency unit before being transferred to the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital here for treatment. (Continue reading).

6. “HKL diagnoses Pasir Gudang boy with myokymia after exposure to pollutants” (Link)

Malay Mail, JOHOR BARU, July 5 2019 — The debilitating tremors afflicting Irfan Wafiy Idham Wazir, 12, have finally been given a name — myokymia. The Standard Six boy is among hundreds of students in Pasir Gudang who fell victim to health issues from breathing in the chemical fumes polluting Sungai Kim Kim in the Johor industrial district last March and was recently diagnosed by specialists at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) to be suffering from the movement disorder, national news agency Bernama reported.

Myokymia is described as involuntary tremors or muscle spasms that can break out in any part of the body with diverse causes ranging from lack of sleep, stress, overwork, dehydration, overanxiety, use of certain drugs or alcohol, and magnesium deficiency. It is more a symptom than an actual disease as it is also exhibited in patients with multiple sclerosis. Irfan, the fourth of five siblings, was admitted to the Hospital Sultan Ismail Hospital (HIS) here after he had breathing difficulties, believed from inhaling poisonous gases at school. (Continue reading)


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