“Yourself 2.0: A Cool or a Fool?”

By: Sonny Zulhuda

ag00011_The Internet has now taken us to a new dimension of life complete with its new set of lifestyle. The Web 2.0 that famously led its users (Who? Me you and everyone here!) to be the Time Magazine’s 2006 Man of the Year had made us a reader and a writer at the same time; a consumer and a producer at once.

This is the new you. Yourself 2.0 does not only read news or download articles from the Net, but also write blogs or upload creative works online. That is the new you.

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Election and the Voters’ Personal Data Privacy

By: Sonny Zulhuda


On Wednesday this week the Indonesian Embassy in KL held a ceremony officiating the upcoming-election committee and its secretariat. The Ambassador attended the ceremony and so did most of the embassy officials. I was invited as a witness for the proceeding as a representative of the community in Malaysia.

What led me to write here was particularly an issue (among so many) that came up in my discussion with several members of election committee and reps from participating political parties after the function: privacy right of the voters.

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