My thoughts and prayers for those affected by the recent Tsunami in Japan

By: Sonny Zulhuda

“This time a year ago, I was in this land watching snow fading gently and slowly. And the whole nation was in jubilant mood welcoming spring time where the Sakura would start blossoming. This time a year ago, I witnessed an amazing blend of tradition and innovation..
This time a year ago.. I left a chunk of my footsteps on its soil in exchange of a bulk of memory in my mind.The memory that never changes a year later, when I witnessed the land left in pieces by a show-off of the nature…
For all the memories that you left for me here.. I stay close and connected. My thoughts and prayers for you and all who were affected by Tsunami..
Stay strong, there will always be hope..”
~K.L, 12.03.2011~
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