Law for Engineers (BHM3086)

This subject is offered only to engineering students at the Engineering faculty. It exposes students to the basics of law in engineering context. The topics include contract, IP, Tort, Cyberlaw, Employment, Revenue and matters pertaining to the Registration of Engineers Act of Malaysia. The subject is normally offered once in a year, and normally comes with a huge numbers of students.

Cyberlaw (BYL2028; BYL7134)

I conducted this subject for a Distance Education program (BYL2028) and MBA (BYL7134): both deals with mature students. It covers issues such as introduction to cyber law, Overview of cyberlaw statutes in Malaysia, jurisdiction issues, e-contract, privacy in the Internet, content regulation, freedom of speech, intellectual property and the internet, and last but not the least, computer crime. As an MBA class, this subject involves more analytical exercises as well as international/comparative perspectives.

Business Law (BBL2014; BBL2017; BBL2824)

This subjct covers various issues including contracts, company laws, sale of goods, hire-purchase agreements, insurance and revenue law. Majority of management, business, economics and accounting students will need to sign up for this class. It is also required for Management students belonging to Distance Education program. The target of this class is not only to equip students with a minimum legal knowledge relevant to their future undertakings, but also to incultate a law-consciousness among them.

Legal Framework for Multimedia (BBL3014)

I have tought this subject in Multimedia University for the past four years and found it to be both challenging and interesting. In this subject students learn about a range of issues that affect multimedia industries. Issues like online contracts, multimedia licensing, intellectual property rights, content liabilities, crimes over cyberspace and data protection are discussed while highlighting recent incidents as well as relevant legal provisions, both in Malaysia and other jurisdictions. This subject is offered at least once in a year for Faculty of Management students concentrating in management with multimedia.