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Dr. Sonny Zulhuda reads and writes on issues of cyber law, information governance, information security and personal data protection (PDP).

Obtained his PhD in Information Security Law in 2010 from International Islamic University Malaysia, Dr. Sonny is a 2008 Web-science Summer Doctoral fellow from the University of Oxford, the UK, and a two-time Fellow of the US-based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Sonny is a fellow researcher for Cyber Stewards Network (CSN) hosted at the Citizen Lab, University of Toronto, Canada. He is also a core member of the Research Alliance for Data Governance and Cyber Security (DGCS-Alliance) based in Beijing, China.

Dr. Sonny is currently serving as an Associate Professor and cyber law course coordinator at the Civil Law Department, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah (Faculty) of Laws, the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He advised the Office of Personal Data Protection Commissioner of Malaysia on various aspects of the PDP laws.

Dr. Sonny is recently appointed by the Minister of Communications and Multimedia as a member of the Personal Data Protection Appeal Tribunal.

(CV with more details is available upon request)

SCOPUS ID: 35782606500 (page)
WOS ID: AAE-8450-2022 (page)
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0192-1971 (page)


  • Web-science Doctoral Summer Programme fellowship at the Oxford Internet Institute, the University of Oxford, UK (2008).
  • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Fellowship in Singapore (ICANN 41, year 2011).
  • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Fellowship in Beijing, China (ICANN 44, year 2013).
  • Citizen Lab Summer Institute (CLSI) at the University of Toronto, Canada (2017).
  • Visiting Researcher at the Citizen Lab, the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, Canada (2018).
  • Research Visit at the Center for Law and Digital Technologies, Leiden Law School, Universiteit Leiden, the Netherlands (2019).
  • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Fellowship in the Hague, Netherlands (ICANN 74 Policy Forum, year 2022).

Professional Affiliations:

  • Asian Privacy Scholars Network.
  • International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).
  • Academic Advocate, ISACA (Formerly known as “Information Systems Audit and Control Association”) (Chapter Malaysia)
  • Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet)
  • Internet Society (Global & Malaysia Chapter)
  • Cyber Stewards Network, Canada
  • Data Protection Excellence Network (DPEX) (ASEAN)

Training & Certification:

  1. Course on Digital Trade and Global Internet Governance, organised by ICANN, 13 December 2021.
  2. Certified Content Creator, for Educator @Virtual Learning Environment Program, organised by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia, 15 September 2021.
  3. IAPP Course on Certified Information Privacy Professionals (Europe) (CIPP/E), organised by Straits Interactive, June 2021 (3 days).
  4. International Data Protection Frameworks and Standards and ISO 29001, organised by Singapore Management University, June 2021 (2 days).
  5. CIPM Module on Privacy Management, organised by Straits Interactive, June 2021 (3 days).
  6. In-House Internal Audit Training for ISO 9001:2008 and MS 1900:2014, organised by IIUM, March 2015 (3 days).
  7. CISSP Module on Information Security, organised by IMPACT, June 2013 (5 days).
  8. 1Citizen Certified Trainer on Digital Etiquette and Appropriate Use of Technology, endorsed by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia, October 2011 (4 days).

Research Projects:

  1. Curricula Development on Climate Change Policy and Law (CCP_Law)” (ERASMUS+, 2021-2024)
  2. “Study on Cyber Security Law of Malaysia” commissioned by NACSA, NSC, Prime Minister’s Department of Malaysia (2022-2023).
  3. “Developing a new legal and regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies businesses in Malaysia” (MOHE, 2019-2021).
  4. “From Data Security to Freedom of Information: Formulating a Legal Framework for Open Data in Malaysian Public Sector” (Funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia/MOHE, 2017-2020).
  5. “From Freedom of Expression to ‘Freedom to Tell Lies’: Formulating an Effective Legal Framework to Regulate the Spread of Fake News Online in Malaysia” (IIUM, 2019-2020).
  6. “Social Media Regulation in Malaysia: Trends and Updates from the Legal and Judicial Perspectives” (IIUM, 2018-2019).
  7. “Formulating the legal and institutional framework for elimination of terrorism financing in Malaysia” (MOHE, 2016-2018).
  8. “Access My Info” (Citizen Lab, University of Toronto, Canada, 2015-2018).
  9. “Security offences law vis a vis right to privacy in Malaysia: Guidelines for reconciliation and enforcement” (MOHE, 2013-2016).
  10. “Application of extended Technology Acceptance Model on Malaysian consumer towards e-commerce transaction of small business” (MOHE, 2013-2015).
  11. “Deciphering the Wikileaks saga: Exploring the legal, policy and information security role and challenges in protecting and securing Malaysia’s Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) against data leak” (MOHE, 2011-2013).
  12. “The problems of identity theft in Malaysia in the light of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010: A hope rejuvenated?” (IIUM, 2011-2012).

Current Involvement in Editorial and Reviewership in Academic Journals

Editorial Board

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  2. Journal of Islamic Economic Laws. ISSN: 2655-9609. E-ISSN: 2655-9617. Published by Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta. Indexed in: Google Scholar, DRJI, Mendeley, Garuda, Dimension, BASE,, Worldcat, Researchbib, Moraref, Crossref. Website:
  3. Jurnal Hukum Novelty. ISSN: 1412-6834. E-ISSN: 2550-0090. Published by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. Indexed in: Google Scholar, DOAJ, Garuda, PKP Index, BASE, Sinta, WorldCat, EBSCO, Researchbib, Crossref. Website:
  4. Jurnal Ilmiah Living Law. ISSN 2085-8078. E-ISSN:2550-1208. Published by Djuanda University, Indonesia. Indexed by Garuda, Sinta, Google Scholar, Crossref, Base, One Search, Dimensions, World Cat, PKP. Website:
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Phone (Office hours): +60 3 64214309 | Blog: | Mail: | Linkedin: sonnyzulhuda | Twitter: zulhuda | Instagram: zulhuda1


Past PDP & Information Governance Programmes (2002-date):

Yayasan Telekom Malaysia | MISC Bhd | Petronas | Cybersecurity Malaysia | ISACA Malaysia Chapter | Tenaga Nasional Berhad | Malaysia Multimedia Development Corporation (MDec) | Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) | Brickfields Asia College | KL Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA) | Alumni Association of the University of South Australia (MyUNISA) | Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) | Attorney General Chambers (AGC) | UKM Medical Centre (PPUKM) | University of Malaysia Pahang (UMP) | Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan (PMBK) | University of Technology Petronas (UTP) | Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) | ISACA Chapter Malaysia | Institute of Sultan Iskandar, UTM | Putra Specialist Hospital | The National Institutes of Health | Jabatan Perlindungan Data Peribadi (PDP Department) | Bank Pertanian Malaysia Bhd (AGROBANK) | The Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) | Federation of Public Listed Companies (FPLC) and the Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance (MICG) | The Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) | The Malaysian Airline System Bhd (MAS) | KL BAR | Cyber Security Malaysia | Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)


    1. Amin, sama2 kang Irfan, maaf tempo hari kita tidak sempat ketemu. Mudah2an lain kali ke KL kita bisa ngobrol lagi. Sukses selalu.

    1. Wa’alaikmslm. Terimakasih Sdr. Nurjaya, salam kenal juga. Blog anda bagus dan isinya menarik. Tapi sayang tidak ada ruang utk komentar ya. sekarang kesibukannya apa dan dimana? OK, selamat, semoga sukses selalu.

  1. Wa’alaikmslm. Terimakasih Sdr. Nurjaya, salam kenal juga. Blog anda bagus dan isinya menarik. Tapi sayang tidak ada ruang utk komentar ya. sekarang kesibukannya apa dan dimana? OK, selamat, semoga sukses selalu.

  2. saya hanya kuliah di FH.Unpad om,baru semester 5.saya mengambil PK hukum teknologi informasi yang masih minim literaturnya di indonesia.mudah-mudahan dengan adanya blog ini,kesuliatan mahasiswa indonesia yang mengambil PK hukum teknologi terbantu untuk mencari materi.kalo ada masukan atau apapun blog saya sudah siap di komentari om.sehat dan sukses sealalu baut om.

    1. Semoga sukses kuliahnya. Siapa yang mengajar hukum TI? Saya kenal dgn pak Prof Ramli (BPHN), Pak Danrivanto (skrg di BRTI) dan bbrp dosen disana.. Terimakasih.

  3. Saya berencana untuk mengambil IT Law di Hannover tahun ini, moga2 blog ini dapat membantu saya dalam mendalami program studi tersebut. Karena banyak bacaan yang menarik dari blog ini.


    1. Terimakasih. Mudah2an bermanfaat. Btw, boleh tau rencananya di mana di Hannover? Saya punya kawan seorang dosen IT Law di Hannover. Terimakasih.

      1. saya ada rencana untuk bulan Oktober (winter semester) di Leibniz UNI…
        saat ini sedang dalam persiapan untuk mengirim semua aplikasi, mudah2an lancar2 dan dapat bergabung disana…

  4. Ass.

    Mas Sonny. Terima kasih banget atas kebaikan mas dan keluarga waktu berkunjung ke KL. Kuliah mas tentang cyberlaw amat inspiratif.

    Kayaknya kuliah-kuliah di Indonesia juga layak seperti itu. Tapi kapan yah?

  5. aslmkm. kak ony 🙂
    mau tanya nih, bidang IT Law ini bagian dr keilmuan hukum apa keilmuan komputer ya, kak? dr kmrn coba ngikutin tulisan2 kakak tp kayanya ga pernah dipelajarin waktu kuliah.
    salam utk ayuk n nakan2 di KL. kapan ke Palembang? bikin kuliah umum, insyaAllah aku yg paling antusias daftar 🙂
    btw, keren euy, websitenya private 🙂

  6. As-salam, saya seorang pelajar tahun akhir ijazah Perniagaan Antarabangsa di UiTM, dan sedang membuat kajian mengenai brand protection, boleh encik membantu saya menberi komen mengenai cybercrime di malaysia involving cybersquatting and trademark infringement issues, adakah issue sebegini adalah issue yang serius di Malaysia?

    1. W’kmsalam.. i think cybersquatting is not a big issue in Malaysia. Both local arbitration (MyUDRP through MyNIC) and local courts (see Petroliam Nasional Bhd & Ors v Khoo Nee Kiong [2003] 4 MLJ 216) had been well equipped to deal with any infringement in future.

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