New Menu for My Dessert-ation…

Al-Shami Lebanese Restaurant
Al-Shami Lebanese Restaurant
  • Day/Date: Monday, 14.07.08
  • Time: 21:14
  • Scene: Dinner at Al-Shami Restaurant, Oxford
  • Menu:  …. (have to ask Gerry again, he knew the names of all the food served!)

The summer school students and faculties were having very delicious dinner serving Middle-Eastern food. I was sitting next to Professor Gerald J. Sussman from MIT and Prof Bill Dutton, the director of the OII. We had a warm and friendly chats, especially with Prof Gerald (or Gerry), ranging from American politics & election to Indonesian coffee (Gerry surprisingly mentioned a fact which i don’t know, that the best coffee from indonesia is ‘Mandailing coffee’). We also chat about one of the best movies each of us had watched: The Beautiful Minds.

I have to thank Gerry especially for his brief insight on what I need to include in my research. He particularly suggested the inclusion of the issue of product liability pertaining to consumer protection against defective software, etc., so as not to unjustifiably cause the loss it the users.

We dispersed at around 10pm. and spray of rain started, briefly lasted though. Thanks to the OII for the treat!

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