Not All Personal Data is Covered by PDP Act 2010

By: Sonny Zulhuda

The illustration above tells us the scope and limitation of the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010. It is a summary taken from diverse provisions of the Statute.

Given those limitations, the following would not likely be protected by the Act:

  • Your personal data contained in the electoral rolls, taxpayers database under the Inland Revenue system, criminal records belonging to justice system, traffic offences record under the road and traffic regulation, and many more personal data within the Federal and States Governments;
  • Your personal data stored and kept in Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry Message system, and many foreign online providers who do not have local centres of data processing;
  • Your personal data retained by charity, social, political and non commercial institutions;
  • Your (often-outdated) personal data retained by variety of credit reporting agencies in Malaysia (such as you-know-who);
  • Your personal data kept by thousands or millions of your friends or family members who kept them in their mobile, computers, archive, both paper and paperless medium.

So, if you are now wondering what is left to be protected, I am too 🙂



  1. so far, which company in Malaysia had implement this PDP act 2010?or there are still no company in Malaysia had implemented it?

    1. The Act is not yet in force until now (April 2012). It is said to be implemented very very soon this year. When it is, all major commercial companies with personal data would be bound to implement and comply. However, some companies such as those in banking and financial sectors are now understandably preparing themselves. Thanks for dropping by!

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