Personal Data Protection Act & Information Assurance – at ISACA Evening Talk

By: Sonny Zulhuda

I will be speaking on the above topic this week (Tuesday, 18th February 2014) to  IT Governance professionals affiliated under the ISACA Chapter Malaysia. I was informed at least one hundred people will be attending.

ISACA Feb 2014This will be my first speech on PDPA after the lapse of 3-month grace period set up by the PDP authority in Malaysia. I can foresee the level of enthusiasm from participants is high.

Details are here:

Here is the home page for the Chapter:

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  1. Hi Dr Sonny,
    Thanks for the presentation earlier today, it was most useful from my perspective. I work as a corporate auditor in a semiconductor manufacturing company, here in Klang Valley. With PDPA in force now, I have been wondering what’s the impact to my company and all these employee personal data. Now it’s clear. Any advice on how to start PDPA compliance in a company?

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