Embracing the Data Economy: What Is at Stake for Legal Academia?

By: Sonny Zulhuda

This is an Abstract for my presentation at the 10th International Conference held by APPPTMA Muhammadiyah/’Aisyiyah (ICMAHEA 2020) which is organised fully virtual on 25-26 September 2020.

In this presentation, I spoke about, firstly, the intersection of law and data economy, secondly the legal issues and challenges posed to law-making and law-enforcement processes, and thirdly to propose plans and strategies for legal educational institutions to address those challenges.

The proliferation of data economy, which makes as a backbone the empowerment of big data, computing technology as well as automated decision making, leads to an unprecedented innovation of law-making and law-enforcement processes.

The notions of digital courts, Artificial Intelligence-empowered judgment, and the use of facial recognition technologies in the fight against crimes and terror, for examples, may challenge the established principles of rules and laws that had been adopted today.

What seems to be a fantasy of the past, may now be a reality of today. For over a century, Muhammadiyah as a modern Islamic movement has proved to be a sustainable organization across changing social and political landscapes. As a learning institutions too, Muhammadiyah keeps on being relevant by adapting itself to changes and challenges in carrying on its missions and agenda. Therefore, the challenges of data economy today must be put in the radar of Muhammadiyah educational institutions, to ensure they produce graduates who are relevant and competitive.

I would recommend law schools to look at a disruptive regulatory approach and innovative research agenda amid the disruption by technologies and new learning environment – the I.R 4.0 and Covid-19 pandemic included. The presentation also calls to a refreshed look on our legal education curriculum.

SLIDES can soon be downloaded here.

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