Education, Society 5.0 and the Disruptive Pandemic

Credit for Pic: IIUM Today

By: Sonny Zulhuda

Not long ago, as we were rushing to emulate the much-celebrated Society 5.0, the virus (literally a virus) came disrupting the process and changing the equation in our education. As our life and activities were stalled, stopped or otherwise jeopardised, is education too?

The thought I offered in this Conference, held by IAI Bunga Bangsa Cirebon, Indonesia, is answering this question by a strong “No”. No, our education does not, and should not, stop. Despite the disruption, there is always something to take away and to build up from, for our children education.

What is more important is to redefine the role of our educators: teachers at school and parents at home. Certainly, they will need to play a multi-role: a teacher, a counsellor and more imminently, a first-aid responder for our children.

Thank You for the opportunity to share in this Conference; especially the Rector of Institut Agama Islami (IAI) Bunga Bangsa Cirebon, Prof. Dr. H. Oman Fathurohman, and the President of Association of Muslim Community in ASEAN (AMCA), Prof. Dr. Ahsanul In’am.

For the slides of my presentation, please download here.

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