Cybersecurity and Data Protection: A New Battlefield?

Pic Credit: Cyber Research Databank

By: Sonny Zulhuda

This article is about my sharing session with the Indonesian Students Association in Malaysia (PPI Malaysia), delivered at a public discussion on cybersecurity and Data Protection.

The presentation is divided into four parts: First, the reality check on our cyberspace. Secondly, an overview of cybersecurity and why it matters for us, personally and collectively as a nation. Next, I discuss the rise of laws dealing with various issues of cybersecurity.

Finally, it was to take some lessons for future direction. Here I emphasised the importance of us embracing a cyber security culture. This will require us to reset the norm and insert some new norms in our life when living or acting in cyberspace. Then, I also urged that we strengthen our collective efforts across individuals, institutions and sectors. With the interdependence of information infrastructure, collective efforts to secure our cyberspace are essential.

Along this line, I highlighted the need to reform our laws as well as to embed digital leadership in our society. I closed by saying that there is no order without law, no law without enforcement, and ultimately no enforcement without leadership.

Thank you PPI Malaysia for having me!

By the way, the Slides can be downloaded here.


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